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Wordle is…

Wordle lets you create artistic word clouds with your writing or just a bunch of words that you might choose to use to describe something. It will give greater prominence to the more frequent words and exclude the “stop words” (words too common to visualise). The colors and designs can be customised, its free and your Wordle is yours to do as you want with it! How good is that.

Some uses for Wordle

* If you put your student’s writing into Wordles over a period of time you could see if their vocabulary is developing and if they are using subject specific language so it is possible to use Wordle as an assessment tool.
* I’ve used it as a form of art work mixed with photos and for backgrounds on pages in the school magazine. It was a great way to highlight the key words for my subject in an interesting way that would catch the readers attention with a glance.
* Use it to summarise a piece of writing.

Suggestions from the SMARTboard lessons podcast

* It could be a springboard for predicting texts. Copy a couple of key paragraphs of a text that you are using with your students to create a Wordle and then let the students predict what the text might be about and they can become familiar with unfamiliar words before beginning their reading.
* Comparing texts a lesson for secondary schools.

If you have any suggestions please add them in the comments for others to share.

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