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Tux of Math Command – more Free Software

Tux of Math Command (Tux Math for short) is in the same vain as the other Tux programs designed for children, particularly Tux Typing and Tux Paint which I have reviewed in previous blogs. A free to download for desktop computers with various operating systems.This would be a nice addition to the collection of educational software that children are likely to choose to use.

It is a drill and practice application for students who are practicing simple addition up to those who are working with the four operations with positive and negative numbers. Another section includes fractions and factors.

The features include

  • training sessions with more than 50 types of problems,
  • arcade games where you have to solve the problems before they hit the bottom of the screen,
  • single player and multiplayer games,
  • a hall of fame.
  • It combines colourful graphics, with game-like challenges of aiming and shooting a light beam while solving math problems. I am sure students will also enjoy the opportunity to challenge each other in the multiplayer version of the games. This is another winner for the Tux4Kids developers who produce their programs under the  GNU General Public License

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