Checking the Landscape – G2C11

The Berwick Lodge Library Blog is new this year but it has taken off and is very popular.  It collects comments from students and teachers. It is a great example of a blog that shares what’s happening in the library program and gets the students involved in contributing through comments.

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I often wonder why some blogs take off and attract the community’s interest and others don’t. I know that one of the essential elements is regular and relevant posts but it is more than that.The Berwick Lodge Library Blog got off to a good start when the library teacher promoted a competition that asked students to write a book review on the blog. She had a small prize for the winner and certificates for the participating students. Now that they have started the students enjoy writing comments on the other posts as well.

The blog is up-to-date with student work and is attractive. It is promoted during the lessons and students are encouraged to comment.

What do you think is essential to attracting readers to a blog?

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