How to Make a Riff or Ad in Garage Band

Making a Riff in Garage Band from loisath Where does this fit in the Curriculum? Although a Riff is a very short example of students writing it could be assessed against the following outcomes in the Writing-Literacy-Creating Texts, component of the English AusVels. Level 5 Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive print and […]

Scratch Projects by Grade 2

The Grade 2 students have finished their sea projects on Scratch. You can see all of them on our school blog by searching the Categories for “Scratch”. THE SCRATCH PROJECT – Step 1 Each student chose their own topic about what they might “See Under the Sea”. They searched the internet for information and chose […]

SAM Animation – More Free Software

SAM Animation is another fantastic piece of free, cross platform, software that is ideal for schools and homes. SAM originally stood for “Stop Animation Movies” which indicates what it does. The software has been designed by the TUFTS Centre For Engineering, Education and Outreach, with the noble purpose of: –  increasing student and teacher excitement […]

More about Wordle

Wordle is… Wordle lets you create artistic word clouds with your writing or just a bunch of words that you might choose to use to describe something. It will give greater prominence to the more frequent words and exclude the “stop words” (words too common to visualise). The colors and designs can be customised, its […]