How to Make a Riff or Ad in Garage Band

Making a Riff in Garage Band from loisath Where does this fit in the Curriculum? Although a Riff is a very short example of students writing it could be assessed against the following outcomes in the Writing-Literacy-Creating Texts, component of the English AusVels. Level 5 Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive print and […]

Scratch Projects by Grade 2

The Grade 2 students have finished their sea projects on Scratch. You can see all of them on our school blog by searching the Categories for “Scratch”. THE SCRATCH PROJECT – Step 1 Each student chose their own topic about what they might “See Under the Sea”. They searched the internet for information and chose […]

Voice Thread A very cool tool! Voice thread allows you to annotate a slide show with audio files from multiple sources. A collaborative, multimedia, web 2.0, FREE web application. This is a link to a nice little video/screencast made by students about “How to Voicethread” This is a pbwiki with lots of examples and information about […]