More about Wordle

Wordle is… Wordle lets you create artistic word clouds with your writing or just a bunch of words that you might choose to use to describe something. It will give greater prominence to the more frequent words and exclude the “stop words” (words too common to visualise). The colors and designs can be customised, its […]

Voice Thread A very cool tool! Voice thread allows you to annotate a slide show with audio files from multiple sources. A collaborative, multimedia, web 2.0, FREE web application. This is a link to a nice little video/screencast made by students about “How to Voicethread” This is a pbwiki with lots of examples and information about […]


A site that creates word pictures with your text. You can paste the students writing into a Wordle and it will arrange all the words emphasising the most common ones. It will help to show development in the students writing and vocabulary or it just a nice way to summarise a piece of writing.